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Welcome to ADVANCE!

ADVANCE (Application and Dissemination of Value-Based Eco-Ratings in Financial Markets) is an international project supported by the LIFE Environment programme. ADVANCE applies the Sustainable Value-concept on a large European scale for the first time. The Sustainable Value-concept allows to assess and manage sustainable performance similar to economic performance. For this purpose it makes use of the tools and techniques used in the financial markets to assess and manage economic capital. Sustainable Value expresses sustainable performance in monetary terms (e.g. in €). At the same time Sustainable Value acknowledges the complementarity of economic, environmental and social capital. Put differently, Sustainable Value is based on what is called strong sustainability.

To demonstrate the applicability of the Sustainable Value-concept ADVANCE has assessed the environmental performance of 65 European companies of the manufacturing sector using the Sustainable Value approach. The results of this survey can be found on this website.

ADVANCE has held workshops all over Europe to introduce those interested to the methodology.

The ADVANCE project team consists of partners from academia as well as eco-rating practitioners from four European countries.

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