ADVANCE analyses the environmental performance of 65 European companies from different perspectives.

Sustainable Value

ADVANCE uses the Sustainable Value approach to assess the environmental performance of the 65 ADVANCE companies in absolute monetary terms.

Return to Cost Ratio

ADVANCE calculates the Return to Cost Ratio (RCR) to assess the environmental performance of the 65 ADVANCE companies independent of company size. The return to cost ratio describes how much more (or less) efficiently each company uses its environmental resources. It is a factor x ratio, i.e. a company with a Return to Cost Ratio (RCR) of 2 uses a resources for example twice as efficiently as the benchmark.

Alphabetical order

For those interested in the performance of a particular order we also present the results in a table in alphabetical order.

Company profiles

For an in-depth analysis we publish a profile for each company. The show in detail the strength and weaknesses of all companies.

Geographical Split

A geographical split of the ADVANCE companies can be found here. ADVANCE companies come from 16 different EU countries.

Sector analysis

There are six sectors with four companies or more. These sectors are analysed in more detail. Among others we show for each sector which environmental resources are creating Sustainable Value for the EU15 and which resources are a burden on the Sustaianable Value for the EU15.

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