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This is GES Investment Services' mission: "To make it a little bit better, everyday" – investments, companies, our business and, of course, the world. We do this, by providing the finance sector with analyses of and consultation on the companies' sustainability performance and preparedness. This is done through a number of quantitative and qualitative analysis services.

GES is the family name for our analysis services. It stands for Global Ethical Standard, which also is the name of our base analysis – GES Global Ethical Standard®. The basis for this service and our add-on services, are global standards for environment, human rights, business ethics and corporate governance.

GES aims at providing common references to objectively judge different companies upon – in all markets around the world.

The philosophy behind GES is essentially that all international norms agreed upon between countries and their multilateral organizations, are of importance to companies operating in those countries and that they eventually will be judged in accordance with these norms by the authorities, the public and their representatives, NGO's, media etc. Therefore these agreements serve as a reasonable foundation for evaluating companies.

In our services we cover large global universes of world indeces or more, in order to serve mainstream investors' needs. Through our international networks – the SiRi Group and ECGS Ltd. – we have access to over 150 analysts.

This is in line with our vision to become a global independent analysis company for socially responsible investments (SRI). Global, since investments are a global business. Independent, because this is vital to be able to guarantee that the analyses are made upon an objective foundation in order to bring the best possible quality to the investor.

In November 2003, CaringCompany changed its name to GES Investment Services, in order to concentrate our trademarks and at the same time underline our role as a service company for investors.

Today, GES Investment Services is one of the world's most experienced analyst houses for SRI – a leader in the Nordic region and among the top-three in Europe.

More information about GES Investment Services can be found here:

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