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The Institute for Strategic Research has been established by a couple of scientists, researchers and developers for 13 years ago. It is now working with about 300 scientists and is a member of numerous European and Hungarian organizations. The Institute for Strategic Research is busy in four activities: research, preparing strategies, development, and education. 13 research units are working in the institute, which prepare 20-25 international, national and local strategies every year. The leading topics are: information society, future cities, regional knowledge-developing, progressive methods in education and alternative ways of dissemination of knowledge. The influence and coverage of the institute reaches beyond Hungary, as it participates in several international projects as well. Since 1991 we have been carrying out concentrated researches in order to successfully identify and describe the processes of the global world, the nature of the new capitalism and the features of the information society of the forthcoming 30 years. We have also focused on national and local aspects as well: we have prepared the national strategy of Hungary until 2020, formulated the essential elements and key points of a possible program of the knowledge based economy and society and articulated the requirements of the reform of the Hungarian spatial and social structure.
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